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Founded by Grzegorz and Tomasz Podogrocki brothers Multidekor company operates in the Christmas decorations market since 1996.


The company is located in Piastów – a city bordering the south-west of Warsaw, and warehouse and logistics center are based in Konotopa near Warsaw.


Multidekor is a Polish company. The owners of the company are Podogrocki brothers. Intellectual capital of the company is created by a team of specialists focused in 15 departments. The company currently employs 130 people. In season (calculated in the Christmas decoration market from September to December), the company employs additional 250 people.
Multidekor covers an area of ​​approximately 15,000 m2, which includes production halls (4000 m2), one of newest in Europe decoration showroom (800 m2), warehouses (10,000 m2), reloading place, parking lots and office building, which houses the Board offices and departments: Projects for Shopping Centers, Projects for Cities, Design, Research and Development, Logistics and Purchasing, PR and Marketing, IT, Finance and Administration, Accounting and Human Resources.

Multidekor has 20 years of experience in working with domestic and international clients. During this period we created more than 802 decorations for objects, many of which have spectacular character.

If you combine all the street decorations that have been created in our company, you will arise

a spectacular light path from Warsaw to Paris

The company is working with business partners in Poland and abroad, carrying them both simple decoration based on the collections catalogue as well as original projects that require the right tools and knowledge to implement them. Comprehensive service, effective counseling, professional installation, spectacular design and unquestionable quality products make Multidekor leading a Christmas decorations market in Poland. For two seasons company is becoming more and more well-known commercial malls in the demanding market of Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Tradition in Warsaw is the annual event at Castle Square, which brings together municipalities, celebrities and thousands of residents. The climax of the evening is turning on light at the Multidekor’s 25-meter Christmas tree, which means the official start of the holiday season in Warsaw.
Multidekor is also the founder and co-organizer of two editions of the Royal Festival of Light in Wilanów, which is visited every year approx. 200 000 people. This is the biggest event of this kind in Poland.
For several years during the holidays Multidekor presents spectacular scenery at Hoover Square of Warsaw. This is the place willingly photographed by Warsaw residents as well as visitors.
Multidekor Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. K.
ul. Noakowskiego 4
05-820 Piastów
NIP: 118-01-85-696

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